Bath Accessories -- all natural

Bath Brushes, Natural Sponges, Scrubbies, Soap Dishes and More Bathe Accessories Lots of extra all natural goodies to make your bath and your body a happier place.

    Wooden Soap Dish, slotted to drain, best for handmade soap
    Wooden soap dish made from beautiful reclaimed hard woods, keeps your soap well drained and extends its life.

    Natural Sea Sponges - Exfoliating and soft sponges

    Natural eco-friendly farmed sea sponges

    Bath Toys - Whale and Octopus scrubbers

    These guys make a little soap and stuff into a really fun gift!  Sorry we're out of Wash the Whale, but you can still get Octavio the Pointy Octopus. 

    Cotton Soap Sack

    Stick a supple slippery soap in the sack and savor a silky scrub.

    Wooden Natural Fiber Bath Brush

    Small Brush with a Wooden Handle

    Bamboo Exfoliating Flower

    Exfoliating Natural Bamboo Flower.

    Nail Brush - Wood and Natural Fiber

    Wood and Natural Fiber Nail Brush.

    Natural Loofah Sponge
    Natural star pumice stone for rubbing down rough skin.

    Smoothing Pumice Stone in a star shape.


    Love and Be Loved... ONE LOVE

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