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Soaptopia FAQs


How are Soaptopia items shipped?
We currently use USPS Priority Mail and Express Mail (both domestic and inernational). We have found these rates to be the least expensive, most reliable, quickest to ship.

Why do the shipping options change?
We are constantly looking for the lowest priced shipping options for our customers. We are still working on implementing a shipping system that will benefit all of our customers. Additionally, we will run promotional shipping, like flat rate or free shipping on certain orders.

Gift Wrapping:

Does Soaptopia gift wrap?  Is it free?
Every Internet order is wrapped the Soaptopian natural style in a recycled cardboard box with natural nesting fibers and leaves, petals, dried flowers or other natural plant enhancements. If an item under the
Gift Boxes is selected, that item will be wrapped seperately. All of our gift wrapping is free.

Can I send a note card with my order?
Yes! We have included "Add a Note Card" on all the
Gift Packs.  For customized orders, just let us know when you place the order by contacting us with your request and we can include a note card(s) per your request.

Wholesale Inquiries:

I would like to find out about Wholesale rates as I have a store or internet business. What do I do?
Simply fill out our
Wholesale Request form here (we promise it will only take you a second or two) and we will get in touch with you within one business day.

Coupon Codes/Discounts:

Is the 5 for $32 only good for quantities of 5?

No. The code is good for 5 or more bars. For example, if you buy 6 bars, the code will discount 6 bars . Use code 5for32 at checkout.

Are there shipping discounts?  
Yes. For orders over $90, use code FREESHIP at checkout. 

Where do I find coupon codes?

The best place to find the best coupon codes is in the email communications that we send out regularly to our customers that have signed up (
Sign up here for newsletters, events, and promotions.)

*Which coupon codes can I use without signing up for email communications?

Answer: We always offer 5 soaps for $32 with the coupon code 5for32.  We also offer discounted shipping codes from time to time which will be listed on the
Home page

*What if the coupon code doesn't work or only works partially?

Answer: Sometimes coupon codes might not work as they are set up and might not include items they should.  In these cases,  we would appreciate if if you could
contact us and let us know the problem and we will refund any discrepancy to you credit card charged.

*Can I use multiple coupon codes?

Answer: We currently offer only one coupon code per customer per order.  So if you have to choose which offer is better for you.  If you want to buy alot of soaps the best option is
The Variety Show - 20 Bars at a great price, $6 per bar.

*Why do the shipping options change?

Answer:  We are constantly looking for the lowest priced shipping options for our customers.  We are still working on implementing a shipping system that will benefit all of our customers.


* Where is your store location, are there more than one?

We currently have one store location at 12228 1/2 Venice Blvd. in Mar Vista, CA.  We have been in business at this location since December 2004.

Customer Service:

*When can we call and actually speak with someone?

  Our business hours are Monday-Friday 8am-5pm (PST) and our phone is 310-398-8333. During nonbusiness hours, you can leave a message or
contact us by email.




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