Handmade Soap 5-Pack Discount Box by Soaptopia

Five Soap Bubble Box!


5 Soaps - our picks or yours!


Get ANY 5 of our big 6 - 7 oz. Bars of Artisan Soap at a discount price.

Choose your own 5 bars or select from the following Soap Five Packs:

SHOWER OF LOVE - Soaps of Love:  Rozilla vs. Dry Skinea, Ms. Afro D. Sheak, Orange You Glad, Moon Magi, and Jabon de Mi Corazon

MOIST-O-RAMA  Moisturizing Soaps:  Orange You Glad Honey, Ocean's 12, Rozilla vs Dry Skinea, Aloe Be Thy Name, and Creme Vanilla

THE MAN PACKAGE: Lumberjack Lather, Oceans 12, Pepperlyptus Rex, Woodstock Revival and Aloe Be Thy Name

SCRUB-A-GO-GO - Exfoliating Soaps:  Piece of Peace, Shamans Scrub, Beauty and the Beach, Sage Against the Machine, and Blue Pearl Jam 

HIGH FIVE - Top Sellers:  Rozilla vs. Dry Skinea, Aloe Be Thy Name, Hippeee, Orange You Glad Honey,  and  La La Lavender

LAVENDER SCHMAVENDAR - Lavender Soaps:   3 Bars of La La Lavender, 1 Bar of El Jabon de Mi Corazon, and 1 Bar of I Can Think Clearly Now the Pain is Gone

GREEN - Green Soaps:  Sage Against the Machine, Piece of Peace, Pepperlyptus Rex, Eucan Smudge Me, and Oceans 12

All beautifully packaged in a Soaptopian Box.


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