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Handmade Soap, Natural Body Products, Natural Perfumes and Gifts Handmade Soap and Natural Gifts Sale on Natural Handmade Body Balms
handmade natural lavender soap

Our SOAPstory:

Soaptopia started as a vision in the Venice kitchen of Jolie Chitwood.   Jolie worked 15 years in advertising as a television commercial line producer.   While working with top advertising firms and directors, Super Bowl spots year after year, Jolie was simultaneously exploring ways to combat her allergy problems.  Given that most everything in the market was synthetic and petroleum based, she immersed herself in a deeper study of herbal holistic education.   Her successful experiments with her own concoctions became a passion and, a solution.  She started sharing her products with her friends.   Then, an interesting progression occurred, Jolie was inspired to focus on the energetic aspects of healing in order to better understand how, as individuals, energy moves in our vehicles (our bodies). Overnight, five years in the making, her bungalow home transformed into an apothecary of flowers and natural oils. Friends and family began to enjoy the small hand-made, house reserve batches of soap. Those that sampled in the early days did more than enjoy the benefits of beautifully moisturized and conditioned skin, they felt the smell; their own energetically connecting experience via these all-natural soaps and products. As you could imagine, word of such products didn't stay contained to the original (and lucky) circle.  The next thing you know . . . in the winter of 2005, Soaptopia launched a manufacturing operation, opening a kitchen / retail outlet in West Los Angeles.  Today, more and more people "FEEL the Smell" ** and the love that goes into everything that is Soaptopia.



    Love and be loved... ONE LOVE

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    Home Soap Shop and Kitchen
    12228 1/2 Venice Blvd. | Mar Vista, CA  90066

    (310) 398-8333
    Hours: 10-6 M-F
    ~ 10-5 Sat ~ 10-3 Sun

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    Soaptopia creates all natural handmade soap, natural body products, bath goodies, organic perfumes and green gifts. Fancy and schmancy. Jolie Chitwood Cox started making soaps and potions in her Venice Beach bungalow home and now we are sending them around the world! We make eco-friendly vegan soaps in our shop in a funky neighborhood in
    Los Angeles California using pure vegetable-based ingredients like raw shea butter, olive oil and essential oils. (Check ingredients, some items are not vegan and may contain bee's wax or lanolin). In addition to natural soap, Soaptopia also crafts natural lip balm, handmade natural shaving soap, massage candles, balms and body lotions.