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Handmade Soap, Natural Body Products, Natural Perfumes and Gifts Handmade Soap and Natural Gifts Sale on Natural Handmade Body Balms
Where Do You Feel the Smell?

When customers first walk into Soaptopia, they immediately notice the smells...fresh, pure, clean and {REAL} scents that make them feel delicious.  Soaptopia has a unique way of helping you notice where exactly in your body the smell settles.  “We are about empowering our customers to increase their personal awareness and utilize their bodies as the guide through this sensory experience, {LIFE}. The more people know about their bodies, the better they can maneuver."

How Does One "Feel the Smell" ? 

Put one hand on your stomach and hold a bar of soap under your nose. Close your eyes for 15-20 seconds, breath in and out slowly... Now notice where in your body you feel the smell.  Eyes, throat, HEART, stomach, legs...(DOWN THERE)... “FEEL” a smell?!?!  Our bodies interpret natural smells (Our 100% pure essential oils) and synthetic fragrances (the other guy's) differently. Synthetics (them) recreate memory combinations in your brain, the smell stops there. Mother Nature's smells (us) communicate through our nervous systems, connecting say, the scent of lemon to your throat, eucalyptus to your eyes, cinnamon to your stomach, etc. There is no right or wrong... just CAUSE & EFFECT – Everyone is unique. Where do YOU FEEL the smell?  

    Love and be loved... ONE LOVE

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    Where Do you Feel the Smell?
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    Home Soap Shop and Kitchen
    12228 1/2 Venice Blvd. | Mar Vista, CA  90066

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    Soaptopia creates all natural handmade soap, natural body products, bath goodies, organic perfumes and green gifts. Fancy and schmancy. Jolie Chitwood Cox started making soaps and potions in her Venice Beach bungalow home and now we are sending them around the world! We make eco-friendly vegan soaps in our shop in a funky neighborhood in
    Los Angeles California using pure vegetable-based ingredients like raw shea butter, olive oil and essential oils. (Check ingredients, some items are not vegan and may contain bee's wax or lanolin). In addition to natural soap, Soaptopia also crafts natural lip balm, handmade natural shaving soap, massage candles, balms and body lotions.