Jolie Chitwood, Founder -- SOAPMAKER

Jolie, the creator of Soaptopia, is a visionary, an artist and is the essence of Soaptopia. During a 15 year career in advertising and commercial production and a personal journey in self awareness, Jolie decided to try to make natural soaps that were chemical and allergen free. "I was allergic to most beauty products like so many others are. The purest and most natural products were so difficult to find, so I decided to create them for myself."

Before long, Jolie was inspired to focus on the energetic aspects of healing through her products. Jolie gave the handmade soaps to her friends and co-workers. The response was great and the potential idea of running a natural body products business took shape. Jolie took the leap of faith and opened the doors of Soaptopia in December 2004 leaving her production career behind.

Jolie's vision to build community around natural products with pure essential oils and the best plant based oils culminated in the "Where do you Feel the Smell?" and "Love and be Loved, One Love" themes for the Soaptopia brand.

"The better we know ourselves, the better we can contribute to the whole. Empowering people to use their innate connection to that greater source is a dream of mine. After working in advertising and pushing messages that I didn't necessarily agree with, I now embrace a true message, Love and Be Loved, ONE LOVE with our products as the vehicle."

Jolie is from Arizona, makes her home in Santa Monica, CA and has a degree in Fine Arts from Arizona State and a Masters in Cooperative Learning from University of Nevada-Reno.

Felix Velázquez, Sales Manager -- Sultan of Suds

If the stunning Soaptopia displays at your grocery store have caused you to fill your basket with more soaps than sprouts, you can thank Felix for that. The Sultan of Suds is our amazing Sales Guru by day and health trend experimenter by night. His keen eye for color and design creates the dynamic Soaptopia scene in stores on the West Coast. Felix is an ambassador of all things lovely, kind and clean.

Originally from Cuba, Felix earned his BFA from the International Fine Arts College in Miami where he ended up teaching and later had a fashion boutique which spotlighted young designers. Answering the call to help a friend, Felix left the muscle-filled, bikini-laden shores of South Beach for…the muscle-filled, bikini-laden shores of Southern California to help build the Soaptopia brand with long time friend, Jolie, one aromatic bar at a time. He loves all things healthy -- hiking, exercising and showering up with his favorite bar, Hippeee. His grooming is quite glowing and something to aspire to. 

Please note all dates and time lines are obscured due to Felix's personal time transport machine that he keeps in his closet. For the record, he is a young 29.

Junko Morinaga, International Sales and Brand Manager -- a.k.a. BARtender of LOVE

Junko is the force behind Soaptopia’s success  in Japan where our distribution is rapidly growing.  Junko was born in Tokyo and has been on the road ever since, growing up in Australia, New Jersey, and now living in Southern California. After graduating from Keio University in Tokyo, she and her husband explored the West Coast of America for a year in a VW bus. She is a dedicated mother of two teenagers and also serves as a nurturing mother to her work family at Soaptopia. She is the FAB in our fabulous, the sparkle in our diamonds, and the bubbles in our bath here at Soaptopia.

Maria Cruz -- Master Soapmaker

Maria is from Jalisco, Mexico and is the mother of three beautiful children. She has been with Soaptopia from the beginning and leads the Kitchen Choir with her sweet voice…eso es porque huele bonito.

Vilma Preciado - Chief Soapcutter

Mother of three, Vilma comes from El Salvador and is Soaptopia’s newest and quietest Soap Monger. Don’t let that fool you though, Vilma is known for having a keen eye for straight lines. She knows how to cut the soap!

Lindsi Miller, Sales Coordinator -- a.k.a. Hot Ship

Hailing from the not so distant lands of Torrance, California, our in-house supermodel Lindsi Miller is the fresh face of Soaptopia. Not only is her stunning natural beauty an asset here at Soap HQ, her incredible skills as a master multi-tasker and patience of a Tibetan Monk help keep everything flowing with grace as we grow. Lindsi keeps our sales team organized, motivated and our clients super happy. She loves to travel and explore, and loves music, Instagramming, reading autobiographies, and keeping clean with a fresh bar of Sunny Baby.  

Brianna Chico, Purest Purchaser

Brianna, AKA Breyoncé, keeps everything moving at Soaptopia! Without this West LA girl we'd wouldn't have any of the ingredients we need to make all our goodies. Her favorite soap is I'm Yummy & I Know It. 

Jessica Somo, Senior Graphic Designer

We’re not ones to label people…just bottles. That’s why we have Jessica, our superbly talented graphic designer whose creativity and productive prowess are the reasons why our evolving look is as amazing as we smell. Our artsy angel hails from Los Angeles. She satisfies her appetite by exploring different types of foods in our fair city. When it comes to her shower, you’ll find Moon Magic, Pink a Boo Blossom, Secret Agent, and Coal Play all vying for the title of most loved soap bar.


Marc Grobman, Online Marketing -- Online Grimefighter

Marc, Online Grimefighter

Marc joined Soaptopia back in 2008 as a Soaptopia fan who just wanted to help spread the good word. Marc has worked as an internet graphics and communications maestro since the dawn of the internet. Marc LOVES SubLIME Coconut in his skin and curly hair because it reminds him of playing on the beach. Marc's kids insist on Vanilla Morrison liquid soap. In his spare time Marc does dad stuff, grows native CA plants and makes ceramic sculpture.

Rose Leisner, Customer Happiness Person

When Rose isn’t slinging soap and packing gorgeous internet gifts at Soaptopia, you’ll find her dazzling people with her dynamic smile and one of her many talents including cooking, yoga poses, and ukulele jams. Rose originally comes from Chicago but now calls Tinseltown her home. Having once performed under the big top as a circus aerialist, she now juggles gigs as an actress and musician, and enjoys getting sudsy with Ocean’s 12 or Beauty and the Beach while belting out Queen songs in the shower.
Isabelle Barros: soap specialist

Isabelle Barros, Customer Happiness Person

Isabelle has been with Soaptopia for many years, always ready to help customers in the shop and share tips and expertise. Isabelle speaks six languages...one of them is Soaptopian. 

Natural Focus is a full service sales brokerage serving in Northern California. Our focus is on supplements, body care, and specialty products. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, we have formed close relationships with over 250 retailers in Northern California.

TARA, Ink. is a full-service, bilingual public relations, special events and creative marketing firm specializing in modern culture. Their offices are located in Miami Beach, Los Angeles, and New York. 

Love and Be Loved... ONE LOVE

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