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BATHtize your SELF


Vanilla Bean Morning


Retail:  $40.05     Scents: Real Vanilla Enjoy a sweet, soft holiday morning with this plethora of Vanilla flavor. Take a bath and reveal in the sweet scent of Fresh Vanilla.  What you get: 1 BIG 6...

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Favorite 5


5pk Soap Box! "The Favorites" Hippee Rozilla Chai & Catch Me Lemon Rosemary Pepperlyptus Rex

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Shaq and Kendrick Lamar Shops Local at Soaptoia

You never know who might pop up for some shopping. Shaquille O' Neal and Kendrick Lamar had a blast checking out all of our amazing soaps. And because we’re a small biz that accepts American Express, their experience was extra special.

These ads are hilarious and these guys were so fun to have here. All the soaps from ad are available online of course! ("Shea butter Shaq is really L'Oatus. )

Score big with some Sheabutter Shaq!

HI, GENE chronicles

New beginnings: the little soap shop that could, Soaptopia

New beginnings: the little soap shop that could, Soaptopia

As the suds in the hourglass, these are the soaps of our lives. You may have noticed, the little soap shop that could, Soaptopia, has closed...
January 12, 2018 by Customer Service
Soaptoppia - staying warm

Warm up from the skin in!

As sunshine turns to clouds and you search for your favorite sweater, it may be what lies under your clothes that keeps you the most cozy! Why not raise your body temperature beginning with your largest organ, your skin! 
December 09, 2017 by Web Soaptopia
Between a Memory and a Dream

Between a Memory and a Dream

Let me run with you tonight
I'll take you on a moonlight ride
There's someone I used to see
But she don't give a damn for me
October 04, 2017 by Web Soaptopia

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