Punny Funny


Where do our names come from? Of course, the baseline of our brand is life affirming, 100% JUNK FREE, all-natural yummy products and as our renowned shaman Sir Bugs Bunny says, "Don't take life to seriously; you'll never going to get out alive.

When you make the best soaps in the world and your delighted by your every soap name; it's an endless dialogue of suggestions with everyone who baths. Diamonds, and ooch, pressure!

Sure, sure it's all fun and bad pun games, however, we are risking... well here, the scent: lemon and lime... Sounds easy enough, right? We'll we've tried a few trials names, case in point "Bright Like Sprite," and "When Lime Met Lemon," then the short lived "Lime's Disease"... you see where we are??

You threw us a lifeline and over the years have come up with some real funnies. Year after year our annual build-a-bar soap contest has given us some hilarious, clever and outrageous suggestions. Some of our favorites are "Chocolate makes me throney," "Chai and catch me," "EuCANsmudge Me ."

Thank you Soaptopians for your loyalty and playing in our pun games. Checkout our entire collection of Punny Funnies.