Soaptoppia - staying warm

Are you chilly this holiday season?
Warm up from the skin in!

As sunshine turns to clouds and you search for your favorite sweater, it may be what lies under your clothes that keeps you the most cozy! Why not raise your body temperature beginning with your largest organ, your skin!  On the chilliest mornings there is nothing better than jumping into a steamy hot shower with your favorite Red Hot Lover, Soaptopia’s clove and cinnamon soap. Cloves have a stimulant effect on the senses causing a warming sensation that wakes you up and protects you from getting a chill all day long. Red Hot Lover’s two main ingredients, clove and cinnamon can be particularly beneficial during the holidays because of their calming effect on the central nervous system.  Mom’s probing questions will roll off your well moisturized back after you’ve had a session with the steamy soap!

After washing your cares away, lock in the heat with Dr. V’nilla’s Warm Your Form oil slather body oil.  This extravagant blend of essential oils can be massaged in immediately after you shake off the water to replace the moisture lost in the heat of the shower.  This vanilla oil slather not only puts you in touch with your sensuality, it can seriously warm your mood.  The Aztecs even used vanilla as an aphrodisiac.  So whether you’re heading out to the slopes or cuddling up with your sweetie at home, you will love how soft and luxurious your skin feels after an appointment with the doctor.  

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