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100% Junk Free.

All Body - Soaps, Oils, Scrubs & Shea Butter ~ Hmmmmmm.

The best body products, Soaptopia was created to soften and treat your whole body.

 Our body oil is also known as Oil Slather. And truthfully, it’s the best pure body oil this side of the Mississippi. After you shower and before you towel dry, squirt some of our moisturizing body oil all over your body, and then lightly pat yourself dry. After a few days of this routine, you will feel the difference. Your skin will become soft and supple. While a lot of products make this claim, we really mean it! It’s the best oil for body hydration on the planet - at least we think so. Did you know it also makes good body massage oil?

All our products are 100% Junk Free, all natural. And our best liquid body soap is no exception. It feels right at home by the sink or the shower.  Pure, mild, and super-concentrated, a little Liquid Body Soap goes a loooong way. The Body coconut oil - derived formulas are moisturizing, ultra-conditioning, and is a get-clean dream for allergy sufferers, babies, and kids.

On all our products, we use our same subtle all natural scents that soothe your mind, body and soul. Wash with LOVE!

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