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100% Junk Free.

All Natural Soaps - 100% Junk Free - YUM!

Soaptopia Handmade 100% Natural Artisan Soaps

Welcome to Soaptopia’s hallmark soaps. We make soaps for all types of moods with distinct flavor families and our 100% JUNK FREE, all natural ingredients. We are known for our Citrus soaps, Flower Soaps, Earth Soaps, Exfoliating Soaps and Liquid Soaps.

There is an art to making our fresh and clean, natural soaps.  And we have spent many years perfecting the craft. Our soapmaker's are skilled at combining the perfect balance of high quality essential oils and other ingredients to create a natural organic soap that lathers, cleanses, moisturizes and smells terrific. We have learned to put the right amount of sand to make the best exfoliating body soaps. We put all that into our best soap for the winter season as we do every season.

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