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100% Junk Free.

Versatile Liquid Soaps

Pump some rockin’ clean into your routine! These 100% Junk Free, all natural, all-over soaps feel right at home by the sink or the shower.  Pure, mild, and super-concentrated, a little Liquid Soap goes a loooong way. The Coconut-derived formulas are moisturizing, ultra-conditioning, and is a get-clean dream for allergy sufferers, babies, and kids. Each lightly lathering Liquid Soap with its unique Soaptopian scent will make you say a trip to the spa.

 And our Liquid Soap is not just for your hands -- use it all over your body! Great for travel or camping. We’ve been working for years to get just the right formula that doesn’t dry. And, we use our same subtle all natural scents that soothe your mind and body. Wash with LOVE!

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