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Where the Soap Shop Magic Happens

From a vision in the home of our founder Jolie Chitwood, to a soap kitchen in West Los Angeles, Soaptopia has been spreading the LOVE of all natural, handmade products with energetic healing properties since 2005. Our team of Soaptopia artisans seek out the highest quality all natural ingredients from eco-friendly sources, pairing plush moisturizers like shea butter with therapeutic grade essential oils, a little bit of YUM, and a whole lotta LOVE to perfect every soft, fresh bar and product we sell.

There is an artistry to producing our handmade, cold-pressed, fresh and clean products, that starts with our care and devotion to the eco-centric community, to identifying more ways to bring 100% JUNK FREE, sustainable body care to everyone, everywhere.

We craft small batches with low heat to preserve all of the rich, plumpy moisturizers, then layer by layer swirl in essential oils and natural ingredients like rosemary and cinnamon, and color with plant based goodness of ingredients like chlorophyll. The cold pressed process creates a soft and fresh bar that truly is the Best Soap In The World.

Our delectable, irresistible smell combinations guide the recipes, that are always filled to the brim with nourishing and allergy free plant-based ingredients, like rich shea butter, the oils of olive, palm, avocado, hemp, jojoba with other goodies like glycerine, loaded with 100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils. Our BARtenders of LOVE work from the source to empower everyone to FEEL the smell through their own energetic connection to the healing experience, and direct a Retail Theater of the best hand cutters, scent blenders, and soap makers in the world. In our soap kitchen, you can not only see the soaps being made and try them out, but FEEL the smell as soon as you walk in the door.