While ever-searching for the perfect pure and natural solution for her allergies to most products that saturated the market, Soaptopia founder Jolie Chitwood explored new alternatives, hoping to find a product that was equal parts nourishing, natural, and enveloped in a yummy scent. She experimented with her own concoctions, and her newfound solution became an inspiration to focus on the energetic aspects of healing, and understanding of how energy moves within our bodies. She created her own handmade soaps, transforming her home into an apothecary of sensory bliss, filled with flowers and natural oils, and immersed herself in the study of herbal holistic education.

She began traveling with soap and scent; selling her soaps to a community of friends with a shared passion for eco-friendly health and healing. They were quickly hooked on the moisturizing ingredients, invigorating essential oils, and a smell they could “FEEL” through both their own energetic connecting experience with the products throughout the body, and the delicious scents on their skin. Word spread like YOUcalyptUS Oil Slather, and Soaptopia opened a manufacturing operation, kitchen, and retail shop in Los Angeles.

Today, people can experience our products and FEEL the Smell of Soaptopia across the globe with our all natural, handmade products, free of any junk. Our team of dedicated Soaptopians have united to bring that ahhhh spa bliss to every bath. Sourcing eco-friendly BATH (Bathe In All Things Healthy) Certified ingredients, and creating yummy smells in rockin’ combinations for your every mood is our passion. Love & Be Loved... ONE LOVE.

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